The Princeton Footnotes
Princeton Footnotes
Season: 4
Hometown: Princeton, New Jersey
Institution: Princeton University
Members: 13
Result: 10th
The Princeton Footnotes is an a cappella group competing on the fourth season of The Sing-Off.


This group first formed more than 50 years ago and is steeped in the tradition of Ivy League a cappella. These groups are some of oldest in the country and are known for being classically trained, perfectly polished, technically great... and incredibly formal! The Princeton Footnotes are setting out to show the world their new and creative arrangements, but will it be enough to put them in the top of the "Sing-Off" class? They want to show the world that this Ivy League a cappella group isn't stereotypical. They can pay homage to tradition but still be fun and relevant.


  • Jonathan Schwartz
  • Casey Kolb
  • Adam Hyndman
  • Josh Lavine
  • Clayton Greenberg
  • Ryan Fauber
  • Will Plunkett
  • Ben Barron
  • Nathan Quinn
  • Daniel Gastfriend
  • Jacob Schatz
  • Brian Bernard
  • Samson Schatz


Episode Theme Song choice Original artist
1 Contestant's Choice "I Knew You Were Trouble" Taylor Swift
Ultimate Sing-Off "Bye Bye Bye" (with VoicePlay) 'N Sync