Street Corner Renaissance
Street Corner Renaissance
Season: 4
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Members: 5
Result: 8/10
Street Corner Renaissance is an a cappella group competing on the fourth season of The Sing-Off.


Each member once hoped to become a professional musician, only to put those dreams aside to raise and support their families. In 2005, the leader of Street Corner Renaissance,Maurice Kitchen, was asked to put together a doo-wop group to perform a gig. This "one gig" turned into almost a decade of performances and a second act for these five singers. Their roots in doo-wop and homage to singing on street corners have provided them with a solid foundation. They are ready to show these new kids on the block what evolved a cappella sounds like.


  • Maurice Kitchen
  • Kwame Alexander
  • Charles "Sonny" Banks
  • Anthony Snead
  • Torrence Brannon Reese