" From the wikiedia"

The first episode saw all eight groups perform together, and then they began to perform as individual groups singing their signature songs. The first four performed with one, Face, being eliminated. Then the next group of four performed with Solo being sent off.

The second episode saw all six groups perform two songs: in the first half of the show, each group performed one big hit from recent years; and in the second half, they each sang one "guilty pleasure" song. Noteworthy was eliminated.

The third episode had the five remaining groups perform a medley from a classic artist, after which the judges sent Maxx Factor home. In the second part of the show, the four remaining groups performed songs that the judges picked specifically to showcase each group's strengths, after which The SoCals were sent off.

At the end of the third show, viewers were asked to call or text to vote for one of the remaining groups, Voices of Lee, The Beelzebubs, and Nota. The group with the most votes was revealed in the finale. Voices of Lee was revealed to come in third place halfway through the finale, with Nota being declared winners the final five minutes.