Season Four
Season 4, Episodes 7
Aired December 9, 2013-
Judges Ben Folds
Shawn Stockman
Season Guide
"Season Three"

Season Four of The Sing-Off is set to premiere on December 9, 2013. The number of singing groups has decreased from 16 to 10, and has returned to a 7-episode holiday special. Nick Lachey is set to return as host, as well as Ben Folds and Shawn Stockman at the judging table. Jewel debuts at the judging table, replacing Season Three judge Sara Bareilles. The season is expected to conclude on December 23, 2013.


  • Holiday Special Format- Since being expanded to a season-long weekly competiton in Season Three, the show will return to a smaller scale, 7-episode format featuring only ten groups, and airing within two weeks.
  • New Judge-Singer-songwriter Jewel is being added to the judging panel, following the departure of former judge, Sara Barielles.
  • Ultimate Sing-Off- After being used periodically in Season Three, this now regular twist will require the bottom 2 groups to sing for their fate at the end of each episode. They will sing the same song, and the judges will decide which a cappella group performed best.


Contestant School Status # of Members
Home Free Home Free
Minneapolis, MN
N/A Winners
on December 23, 2013
Ten Ten
Dallas, TX
N/A Second Place
on December 23, 2013
Vocal Rush Vocal Rush
Oakland, CA
Oakland School for the Arts Third Place
on December 23, 2013
Filharmonic The Filharmonic
Los Angeles, CA
N/A Eliminated
on December 19, 2013
Acoustikats Acoustikats
Lexington, KY
University of Kentucky Eliminated
on December 18, 2013
VoicePlay VoicePlay
Orlando, FL
N/A Eliminated
on December 18, 2013
Element Element
New York City, NY
N/A Eliminated
on December 16, 2013
Street Corner Renaissance Street Corner Renaissance
Los Angeles, CA
N/A Eliminated
on December 12, 2013
Calle Sol Calle Sol
Aguadilla, PR
N/A Eliminated
on December 11, 2013
Princeton Footnotes The Princeton Footnotes
Princeton, NJ
Princeton University Eliminated
on December 9, 2013

Episode GuideEdit

Episode Air Date Theme Ultimate Sing-Off Result
Winner(s) Song Eliminated
The Sing Off is Back! December 9, 2013 Contestant's Choice VoicePlay "Bye Bye Bye" The Princeton Footnotes Eliminated 1st
10th Place
Party Anthems December 11, 2013 Party Anthems AcoUstiKats "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" Calle Sol Eliminated 2nd
9th Place
#1 Hits December 12, 2013 #1 Hits The Filharmonic "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye" Street Corner Renaissance Eliminated 3rd
8th Place
My Generation December 16, 2013 My Generation Vocal Rush "Survivor" Element Eliminated 4th
7th Place
Movie Night December 18, 2013 Movie Night Vocal Rush "Eye of the Tiger" VoicePlay Eliminated 5th
6th Place
Home Free
Ten AcoUstiKats Eliminated 6th
5th Place
The Filharmonic
Judges Choice December 19, 2013 Judge's Choice Ten "Should I Stay or Should I Go" The Filharmonic Eliminated 7th
4th Place
Finale December 23, 2013 N/A Vocal Rush Third Place
Ten Second Place
Home Free Winner

Elimination ProcessEdit

Winner Second Place Third Place Safe
Last Called Safe Survives Sing-Off Eliminated
Rank Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 Home Free Safe (A) Safe Safe Safe Safe Winner
2 Ten Safe (B) Safe Safe Safe Bottom Two Second Place
3 Vocal Rush Safe (A) Last Safe (A) Bottom Two Safe Safe Third Place
4 The Filharmonic Safe (B) Safe Bottom Two Last Safe Eliminated
5 Acoustikats Safe (B) Bottom Two (B) Safe Eliminated
6 VoicePlay Bottom Two (A) Safe Safe Eliminated
7 Element Last Safe (B) Last Safe (B) Eliminated
8 Street Corner Renaissance Safe (A) Safe Eliminated
9 Calle Sol Last Safe (A) Eliminated (A)
10 The Princeton Footnotes Eliminated (A)